Scotts Valley is an incorporated city within Santa Cruz County and has an interesting history. The area was originally inhabited by Native Americans and wildlife, including grizzly bears, deer, and quail were abundant. During the Spanish-Mexican days in the 1830’s the area was known as Rancho San Agustin. Hiram Scott moved into the area in the 1850’s and was a young seaman from Maine turned gold miner. He built a home in the area and soon sent for his relatives in Maine. During the 1850’s the valley was solely inhabited by the Scott family, hence the city’s existing name, Scotts Valley. The Scott family soon sold off portions of their expansive acreage, mainly to British immigrants, and the area expanded as a farming and dairy region until the 1930’s. The main products sold by local residents were butter, milk, cheese, poultry, grapes, and apples. Scotts Valley soon began attracting more and more immigrants and tourists and eventually expanded into the Scotts Valley we know today. Scotts Valley Unified School District in currently the top ranked district in Santa Cruz County and is located in a great commute location for residents that want to live in Santa Cruz but work in Silicon Valley, located approximately 30 miles north over Highway 17.